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Cost Analysis for the Trabold HIGH PERFORMANCE oil bypass system
Every 10,000 miles your cost breaks down to
The following cost analysis only reflects savings on oil change. It does not reflect the dramatic financial impact the Trabold System has on lower maintenance and repair costs, engine longevity, fuel savings, reduced emissions, downtime and other benefits including the environmental impact.

Standard oil change

Price for 1 liter of oil
price for ordinary oil filter
Oil volume of the engine Liter
Regular intervals for standard oil changes km
Hourly rate for the oil change
Time required for the standard oil change min

TRABOLD High performance filter system

Purchase of the filter system
Price for filter cartridge (insert)
Change intervals for the filter cartridge km
Hourly rate for changing the filter cartridge
Time required to change the filter insert. min

Comparison of costs

for overall kms driven in a year (estimated)
Filter Help
  •  At 10,000 miles per month, the Trabold System pays for itself within the first five months.
  • The Trabold Filter System can be moved from one engine to another.
  • Industry savings are reported at 80%
  • Installing the Trabold System is the single most cost effective solution for any fleet manager or owner operator.
  • You not only have a major impact on you bottom line, you also have a major impact on the environment.

Stop changing your oil today! Filter it with Tabold Ultra-Fine Oil Filter and start saving immediately!

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