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The TRABOLD filter is a patented high-performance filter, which influences the behavior of lubricating oil during its use so that oil changes become unnecessary. This is the first fine filter capable for filtering actions both axial and radial. The filter cartridge has been designed for tension rather than compression; therefore it withstands high operational pressures. It is characterized by best filtering capabilities, by high filter cartridge lifetime and by minimum filter volume. The TRABOLD filter consists of the patented filter case, the appropriate cartridge and standardized connectors.

The application of the patented TRABOLD fine filter makes the oil viscosity change with operational time. In most cases the viscosity increases to reach a value between SAE 30 and SAE 40. According to our own and our users' experiences, this does not increase fuel or oil consumption. According to our view, the role of oil viscosity is overestimated: lower viscosity oil is not necessarily better oil.

Laboratory measurements, e.g. particle counting have shown that the TRABOLD-filtered oils can achieve good ISO qualification. The filter removes the larger and the smaller particles forming clusters. In addition, the measurements have verified that using TRABOLD filtering technique the exhaust emission values of the engine are also reduced which is a clear indication of the low contamination of oils where using the finest filtering technology.

We are not aware of any single case that caused oil acidification with TRABOLD filtering. In most cases the TBN number is about 10, sometimes about 8. The ratio of solid particles causing wear to the water content increases only slightly or not at all. The filter cartridge takes care of low values continuously.
It is said that oil additives will deteriorate due to chemical and physical effects. Our own experiences, supported by measurements, however, indicate that this process is insignificant as long as the filter operates. The TRABOLD filter performs several duties of the additives by continuously removing water, metal and contaminant particles, and the combustion products.

As a consequence of TRABOLD filter use the lubrication performance of engine oil increases considerably. The thermally unstable hydrocarbon compounds will be getting coked as an effect of thermal stresses in the engine. The products of the combustion process generate additional carbon. The residual dissolved carbon remaining in the TRABOLD filtered oil improves the sliding properties of the engine. This process counteracts engine wear. The Reichert-type frictional wear balance tests showed that the lubrication power of TRABOLD filtered oil improved at a significant level.

Visual observations of engine parts and components show that the component surfaces exposed to finest filtered oil become more perfect. This surface finishing effect is the result of the influence of carbon dissolved in the oil, and an extremely fine film is deposited on the surface. In addition to corrosion protection this film obviously reduces friction and power losses. The consequences are the reduction of engine noise and lower fuel consumption.

In summary, it can be verified that TRABOLD filtering makes engine life longer. Applying TRABOLD fine filtering, no substantial amounts of additives are needed any more, the cost of oils is more advantageous, and oil change can be eliminated.

The advantages are obvious: using TRABOLD oil fine filtering, in addition to better use of raw materials and the reduction of the amount of spent oil generation, better engine performance and operational cost reduction can be achieved.