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We are always looking to expand all over the globe. This cannot be done alone.
We are looking for distributors as well as determined sales agents, who are willing to invest in the future.
The Trabold filter solution, may be the way to your financial independence. This is not a scam, there is hard work involved as well as good selling technique. It is not easy convincing people, that an oil change is the past.
For generations it was taught to change your oil, this was the past.
Help us spread the word. Never change your oil again.
The Trabold Ultra Fine Filtration System is an oil refinery system in your car, truck, elevator, boat, ship, electric generator and more, even Hydraulic systems.
Fill out the contact sheet below with your information and your plans on being a reseller or distributor. A "DA" or Distribution Agent will assist you within 24 hours of submital. 
Have come far, help us get further and greater.

My name is Edmund Heuer and I am Vice President of Trabold L.C..