Benefits of owning and operating
with a Trabold Filter


• Analytically pure oil
• Safe lubrication and cooling also under extreme conditions
(for turbocharged as well)
• Better engine performance due to lower friction
• Reduced fuel and lubrication oil consumption
• Lower maintenance and repair costs
• Longer engine life
(our customers have made more than
500,000 km or 320,000 miles without one single oil change)
• The quantity of highly toxic old oil decreases or
can be eliminated completely
• Eco-Friendly, environmentally sound


Easy assembly:

On the engine: join to oil pressure switch by a T-distribution head; oil return through the pipe nipple on the valve cover (as a consequence, the camshaft gets an additional lubrication) or through the oil inlet pipe stub and through the pipe nipple on the oil pan.

On the oil burner: between the burner and the filter (oil savings up to 5% with cleaning the tank)

Contaminated oil damages all engines!


The patented TRABOLD filtering system is a successful and optimal solution regarding the filtering power and performance, oil cooling, cartridge duty time, and its low volume due to both axial and radial filtering action. The features of the TRABOLD filter system described are proven by oil analysis reports and certifications for around the world by Governmental Institutions like TÜV and many more. The Trabold filter is made in Germany, where quality is a must.

Why are oil changes needed?

Due to the deficient sealing at the piston and the valves, combustion product residues and dust get into the oil. This is accompanied with abraded metal particles, contaminant particles from resins and paint materials in the oil generated by high temperature etc

What are the additives?

Additives are chemicals added to the oil in order to reduce oil sludge generation. They, however, do not remove contaminants but hold them in a floating position. Contamination remains in the oil cycle and causes a steady wear of the engine.

TRABOLD filtering interrupts these processes!

Through the water absorption capability of TRABOLD filters, altering the chemical processes of the oil, and cleansing the oil of water and contaminates.

Also, the use of the TRABOLD filter eliminates the need for oil additives which is a benefit because they can harm the environment during their protective action.

Does the oil film break?

The oil film never breaks because of deficient lubrication power but it does because of its contamination and the overheating due to the low oil quantity.

Does oil degrade with age?

The aging of oil had been completed millions of years ago. Therefore, mineral oil during its use can undergo degrading changes that are significantly prevented by TRABOLD filtering, and even improves the quality of the oil.


As a consequence of fine filtering, you consume less fuel and you generate less used oil and this way you reduce the pollution of the environment


With TRABOLD filtering system, you can save as much as 90% of the lubrication oil. And, in addition, you preserve engine, reduce fuel cost and support technological advance.