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Trabold. Be bold. 
Never change your oil. 

The Trabold High Performance Ultra Fine Oil Filter can be used for any gasoline and diesel engine, drive, transformer, oil heater, hydraulic system and do on.
Thousands of drivers have discovered the benefits of TRABOLD filtering, patented throughout the world.

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Diagrams / Installation guides. Since the Trabold Filter can be installed in several different engines and topologies we have
taken a simpler more general approach on describing how the filtration system needs
to be installed.


Read about how our Trabold Filter works.


Since the Trabold Filter was not only designed for saving the environment but also your wallet, we have made setup a form that shows you just how much you can save. Click below to find out more and calculate the savings yourself.


We need to spread the word about Trabold. We cannot do it alone. The internet is vast with many links and sites, however a face to face
conversation or sales agent can do a lot more. We are always looking for individuals who would like to invest in our product and turn a profit. Distributors and resellers are more than welcome. For more information, please click below.